Foreo has been one of the leading brands in the electrical face cleansing brush industry for a while, and it is right up there with Visapure and Clarisonic. Now, they are releasing the newest version of their Luna range: The Luna 3. It is meant to be used with the Foreo app to help you create your personalized routine. Is this the future of skincare?


Product name: Foreo Luna 3
Product type: Electric facial cleanser
Where to buy: Amazon, Foreo
Price: $199, £169, €199
Designed for: 3 versions for normal, combination and sensitive skin
Overall Score: 8/10


The Luna 3 is an upgraded version of their Luna 2, and has been improved in a couple of ways. First of all, there are 3 types of Luna 3: One for normal skin, one for sensitive, and one for combination skin. The sensitive version of this product features milder settings to avoid overstimulating your skin, while the Luna 3 for combination skin features thicker touch points (the little tendrils that clean your face) to help keep those problem areas clean.

All Luna devices feature a silicone head, and are patented with T-Sonic technology. This technology sends sonic waves to your skin, which in turn loosens dirt and grime, and helps you keep your face clean. The Luna 3 does this at a rate of 8000 waves per minute, and a minute of use morning and night is all it takes.

They claim that their Luna range will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give your skin a youthful, radiant glow, whilst massaging at the same time to improve circulation.

Compared to its predecessor, Luna 3 offers a 30% bigger brush head and longer and thicker touch points to improve your cleansing experience. The amount of settings has been upgraded from 12 to 16 different intensities of cleansing, and the battery life has been improved and will now last you 650 uses with one charge.

On top of that, the Luna 3 is designed to work together with the Foreo mobile app. You can use this app to select your intensity preference or make use of one of the four massage settings to help you keep your skin looking firm and young.

What Do I Think?

The Pros

Foreo is not a new brand to me and I’ve tried their products before. This latest installment in their Luna range seems like an organic continuation of what they had already been doing with the Luna 2, which is offering a thorough, hygienic cleansing experience, with the bonus of a massage function.

I am a fan of Foreo, and here’s why. If you read my post about facial cleansing brushes, you would know that if you do not keep your brush clean, it will only end up breaking you out. The Luna does not have this problem, because it is silicone. Bacteria cannot hide in it, and you will be able to rinse everything away very easily after use.

Another big plus is the multiple settings and the fact that there are 3 versions catered to 3 different skin types. You’ll be able to buy your Luna according to your personal skin needs, and it is a very good thing Foreo recognizes that every skin type has different issues. This will make sure you buy a product that is truly tailored to you, and thus more likely to give you good results.

It feels quite nice on the face too! Whenever I use a Foreo product, it truly feels like I am pampering myself and my skin looks glowy and rejuvenated.

The Luna 3 has had a couple of upgrades, and here’s what I like about those improvements. A longer battery life is never a bad thing, and the fact that this device will last you through 650 uses before having to charge it is fantastic. 650 uses twice daily is 325 days, divided by 30 days in a month is 10 months of battery life! What other device offers that? (My phone certainly doesn’t!)

In terms of the settings, it’s great to have 16 options available, again, so you can find a setting perfectly tailored to your skin. The app connectivity for me is a double-edged sword, and I’ll tell you why a bit later on, but the upside of this is that is makes great use of the times we are living in, where our phones are always either glued to our hand or within reach at all times.

The Cons

Now for the downsides of this device, there are a couple of things I do want to mention, starting with the app connectivity we spoke about earlier. You have to install the Foreo app on your phone in order to activate your Luna 3. This is not great for people who do not own a smartphone, or simply do not want to clutter their phones with apps like these. Granted, you can use it without the app after the initial activation, but for the massage functions, you’ll still need that app.

Another thing I’m not entirely happy with is that the Luna 3 is very similar to its predecessor. Other than a few extra settings, improved battery life and app connectivity, there’s not a huge deal of innovation going on here. I do see why though, why change what works? If you happen to own the Luna 2, I would not upgrade to this newer version, simply because it’s not that different in the end.

Speaking of price, it costs 200 dollars (169 GBP or 199 EUR). That is a lot of money, and I can certainly imagine a lot of people are not willing or able to spend this much money on a facial brush. This might present a real threshold to try one of these, however great they are claimed to be. On top of that, Foreo will not accept any returns of devices that have already been used.

This means you’ll be buying a very expensive device, and if it does not work, you’re going to be stuck with it anyway. Now I do understand that they need to do this hygiene wise, but it’s a further increase of the risk of buying one of these products.

Is It Worth It?

So, do I recommend buying the new Foreo Luna 3? Yes and no. If you already own a Foreo Luna 2, I would definitely skip this version, since it won’t differ very much from the one you already own. If you own any other Foreo product and find it works well, but you need some more options, you could consider upgrading if you are willing to spend the money.

If you do not own any Foreo products, here’s my advice. It is truly a great product and will work wonders on your skin (I would know!), and you have the great option of choosing out of 3 different versions and 16 settings to really create a routine that will suit your personal skincare needs.

On top of that, the Luna range offers a lot of the qualities I look for in a facial cleansing brush. It’s hygienic, easy to use and offers some massage functions, as well as cleansing thorougly and gently.

Do consider the price though. It’s not a cheap product by any means and 200 dollars is a lot of money to spend on a facial brush. I would recommend you only make the leap if you are really convinced this is the solution to your skincare problems. If it doesn’t live up to expectations, you won’t be able to return it to Foreo.

If you are convinced the Foreo Luna 3 something you need in your life, you can get it from Amazon here or from the Foreo website

What are your opinions on the new Foreo Luna 3? Will you be making the purchase?

Keep glowing!